The American’t Dream…

Created on 2016-04-14 18:33

Published on 2016-04-14 19:09

“Build your own dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs”~ Farrah Gray

So you wanted to go to college, and get a good job?

Our parents and society have programmed us to think… A degree increases your chances of getting a “good” job: it provides you an opportunity to be successful… Education is the key.  Get a degree, you will get a good job and live a good life…. If you want more money, work more hours.

How’s that working for most Americans?

If you work a 9 to 5…I hope that you will find a way to lose that chain that binds you to that employer. How many times have you thought about leaving the company, or telling your boss what you really think about them??? There is nothing wrong with making an honest living but ask yourself one question: are you honestly living? It doesn’t matter if you have a high school diploma or a college degree; the demands placed on employees have increased with the new normal 60 hour work week, the text and emails that require attention even after work ends… The job that keeps you enslaved paying you, is just enough to get by… after all, a job is: Just Over Broke.

Living life just on the weekends… trading a minimum of 5 days a week or 71% of your time for that paycheck. There is a huge difference in the satisfaction from working a job compared to identifying a problem, creating a solution that is in-line with your purpose and making a profit!                           The later would be entrepreneurialism!

Steady income from a job should be temporary as you develop your purpose or passion into a viable means of income with a focus on passive, not transactional income streams. According to the Census Bureau, the average age of fast food worker in the most prosperous country in history is 29.5! Most Americans think their jobs are safe because they overperform. However; An employee is categorized as an expense, and expense is cut when profits dip. Most employees have no equity in the company and with so many companies being bought up by larger ones or fail for a variety of reasons outside most employee’s control… who is to say if you will keep your job, no matter how hard you worked. So if you are happy with an extra week off a year and a rise in your salary to meet inflation, take a look at the reality. A raise for cost of living is not a raise… According to the Census Bureau, the inflation-adjusted median household income in America was $53,300 in 1988. Now the shocker: the same median income in 2014 was $53,657. That’s right, basically stagnant for 26 years!

The industrial revolution was great for technology but not so good for the average American. It trained people to work in factories… our schools train us to do only what was required… don’t get out of the prescribed box…so we can become good employees; so it became the reality that working for someone else was the normal way to earn a living. It probably wasn’t a master plan but it sure worked out that way.

Reality is that education from a higher learning institution does NOT guarantee success. The guy who served me my coffee this morning probably has a 4-year degree and earns $12/hr. Hard work and education is the key but college may not be the best for education.  These systems are set to keep people inside a box, the moment you answer outside of the box the reply is a failing mark, yet they claim school expands your horizons and opens opportunity. School forces us to memorize facts and dates, that have you will never remember and the other half you may not even use. I am not saying that higher education is wrong, just that you should assess your goals. If you want a job working for someone else… then school was for you. If you wanted to be as successful as possible, then your education was wasted because if you are working for a company… you will not be helping yourself but rather helping another to build their dreams on the labor of your own back.  CBS news reported: on a survey from CareerBuilder suggesting that plenty of Americans never work in the field that they prepared for in college. Among the 2,134 workers surveyed, 47 percent of college graduates did not find a first job that was related to their college major. Continue to learn how to develop your purpose or passion and seek ways to generate revenue so that you can live a life of purpose.

If every child was raised with the confidence or programming to build their own dreams… no one could enslave them to build the dreams of others.

I urge you to redefine what is considered EDUCATION and Career because many times it is just a metaphor representing volunteer enslavement. After all when a person’s livelihood is dependent on wages or a “SALARY” there is little difference between owning or merely “renting” a person. Since the 2nd industrial revolution 1930 compensation has evolved considerably. Consider the change from the days of and before the industrial revolution, when a job was held for a lifetime, to the fact that, from 1978 to 2008, individuals who aged from 18 to 44, held an average number of 11 jobs.

We are no longer chasing the American Dream but now we are chasing the American”T dream!

Look at anyone who is successful and you will find people who took a leap of faith that coincides with their passion… what I have learned to call their “purpose” in life. The rules of success are simple… Risk=Reward and the average American just is unwilling to take a risk and follow their purpose.

Don’t be afraid to follow your mission, purpose, and vision because in the end success is measured not by how much change you make but how much of a CHANGE you have made!

Employers are not afraid that their employees are average at what they do… Their deepest fear is that they are powerful beyond measure and find a purpose that drives us to expand beyond the box they have placed us within! So use the time you have earning a paycheck, to leverage that income into a business that can replace the salary with income that will generate wealth and freedom to live a life of fulfillment… then teach others how to do it for themselves!

Follow your dreams, build your passion and reignite the American Entrepreneurial spirit that made our nation great so long ago.

Just the ramblings of a middle-aged man or inspiration to get off your ass and do something?

You decide.