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Becoming Exceptional: The decision to become part of our team is the start of your journey toward financial freedom. As with any journey we need to define where we want to go and what will keep us moving forward so when deterred… we can focus on the end-goal!

To take our lives to the next level, we need to understand that the external world is not the driving force in who we become or what we choose to create for our lives but rather it is our internal “Programming” or blueprint that has formed how we see the world and opportunity.

We all think we are in control of our decisions, but the reality is that our pasts shape our decisions… we need to take a moment and define how well we can accept success and reshape any perceptions that will prevent us from reaching our goals. Our past does not define us, it shapes us… so don’t let the past anchor you to bad habits or beliefs.

Regardless of what stage of life you are in today, this session helps you to define and create a path to meet your Mission, Vision and Purpose in life!

The first step is to determine what your brain’s master-plan looks like… is your foundation built

on successful or unsuccessful foundations. Many people are sitting stagnant in their careers and don’t understand why they can get past hurdles in front of them… most people do not even look at their programming or conditioning as the source of what is holding them back. The 4 most common ways we sabotage ourselves are found in our past.

1. Attitude, programming or brain’s master-plan.

2.   Bad advice from unsuccessful people

3.   Thinking small, not setting live goals that fulfill       your spirit… your reason for being you!

4.   Failure to create a plan and follow a system

Seminars & Coaching

Do you have children, face a future filled with debt, Plan to retire someday? Do you want to build the strength of character and increase your income potential?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you could find one of our focused seminars or a personal financial needs analysis extremely helpful.


We help people to release their trapped talents & invest for the future by teaching them both how to shift their mind-set and the fundamental financial principles that aren’t taught in school: Below is a list of the seminars we offer to help transform a person and find their purpose and drive!

Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

B.A.N.K. Mastering Communication Skills

Body Language – Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool

Building a Consulting Business

Building Your Self Esteem & Assertiveness

Coaching & Mentoring

Communication Strategies

Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public

Developing a Lunch & Learn Program

Developing Your Executive Presence

Dynamite Sales Presentations

Emotional Intelligence (One Day)

Entrepreneurship 101

Goal Setting

Influence and Persuasion

Marketing & Sales

Negotiating for Results

Networking for Success

Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale

Personal Brand – Maximizing Personal Impact

Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro

Public Speaking

 – Presentation Survival School 

Survival Skills for the New Trainer

Time Management -Organized for Peak Performance

Women and Leadership:

Owning Your Strengths and Skills


Financial Literacy

Financial literacy improves the quality of a person’s life, the relief of stress and financial burden directly improves self-esteem and reduces stress. The Federal Reserve reported in January 2015 that consumer borrowing rose by $14.1 billion pushing consumer debt excluding real estate loans to a record level of $3.3 trillion.

According to a Federal Reserve report on American households’ “economic well-being”,  fewer than half of all Americans said they’d be able to come up with $400 on short notice to deal with an unexpected expense. 


Young or older… the need for smart decisions on financial matters comes at every stage in our lives.


FPG educates people from all walks of life and helps to develop the economic discipline that is important when making financial decisions.

Planning your personal finacial future is something you should be working on during your twenties, if not as a teen. This means setting and diligently pursuing personal long-term goals for adulthood.

Our team of mentors show you what can you do to support yourself now and in your later years.

We teach plain and simple money-management tactics that can help set you on the right course. 

FPG does not offer or infer investment advice. This section is for information purposes only.


A large portion of Millennials are the people most likely to experience financial stress.  Below is a chart showing the age groups are struggling today.




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We Guarantee Results

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. If you’re dissatisfied with our training for any reason, let us know right away— we’ll issue you a refund or arrange for you to attend another Freedom Performance Group program. It’s that simple.