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Freedom Performance Group is a business and personal success training company focusing on negotiation skills and mastering wealth principles that just were not taught in school. Our e-learning platform allows us to leverage technology to exist as a social enterprise company providing education to those who need it most.

Our Mastering Wealth Principles seminars and web-based solutions use a designed to INSPIRE people to release their trapped entrepreneur and to identify and push past the unconscious roadblocks that may hold them back from reaching their full potential. As a member of SOFA, a 501 (c)3 public benefit corporation together we focus on providing financial literacy seminars nation-wide.

TRANSFORMING how people view themselves, their opportunities and their purpose in life to increase the quality of their relationships, finances, health, and even their careers to enjoy the freedom found in living an exceptional life.

We use accelerated learning techniques allowing participants to learn fast and retain more to create a new master-plan for immediate and long-term results that include higher incomes, more fulfilling relationships, increased confidence and strength creating an EVOLUTION within themselves to find their individual mission & purpose that expands possibilities.

The age of the employee is over… companies are looking for “Intrepreneurs” to capitalize of the spirit of trapped entrepreneurs building strong futures.


Change your outlook on life and you will CHANGE YOUR LEVEL OF SUCCESS.

Empowerment SEMINARS

Most People Rarely Become As Financially Successful As They Should Be~                                   And Go Through Life Never Knowing Why~

                          Learn key strategies for managing and expanding your business                                                along with financial strategies on how to protect and grow your personal income.

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Corporate Training

On-site training and development your way!

Freedom Performance Group provides on-site seminars for clients looking to train 3-1,000 employees.

About on-site training
Popular topics & Courses


Unlimited training = Unlimited success

We offer both monthly or annual access packages that meet the needs of all budgets. Our annual unlimited access package offers the most flexibility and allows organizations to access the best training solutions.

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   Resource Store

Learning resources at your fingertips

Access our learning tools and free white papers that keep both your career and company expansion objectives moving forward toward becoming exceptional in every way.

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Financial Seminars

We are committed to helping people become exceptional in their lives and we help to develop an action plan and run their lives as if it was a business!

We focus on mindset, finances, and the future. Our clients become debt free and build wealth by using common sense solutions in these areas:

 The power of compounding Interest

Eliminate debt without increasing monthly payment

Understand & Manage your credit score

 Building the Foundation for Lasting Wealth

 Creating a Financial Plan that Works

 Strategies for Experiencing Maximum Wealth

 Women & money: How to retire wealthy

Business Growth

Our business seminars are designed to optimize communication for both HR and businss development,  by leveraging personality profiles to allow for custom communication styles.

Common Topics:


 Marketing & Branding

 HR Sensitivity & personality management

 Building business development skills

 How to sell to the government

 Advantages to becoming SBA certified

 Reducing costs of employee transitions

 Insurance & Retirement account Solutions

The FREE AGENT NATION has arrived

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs”

-Farrah Gray


Freedom Performance Group is a member of SOFA, a 501(c)3  nonprofit public benefit corporation proving financial literacy  seminars nationwide.    

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We Guarantee Results

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. If you’re dissatisfied with our training for any reason, let us know right away— we’ll issue you a refund or arrange for you to attend another Freedom Performance Group program. It’s that simple.